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Mini Pupillage


Darren Chambers welcomes applications for mini-pupillage from candidates who have a strong interest in family law and from candidates who may be interested in applying to Darren Chambers for pupillage.  


Applications for mini-pupillage should be sent by email  to Alison Williams.  Applications are usually only accepted from candidates who are in at least their second year of university education.  The application should comprise of a CV and covering letter setting out:


  1. Why the candidate is interested in family law
  2. The dates they would be available for a mini-pupillage
  3. Whether they wish their mini-pupillage to be based in London or Oxford chambers 


Applicants should note that members of chambers do a lot of work on circuit and so they may have to travel to courts outside of London or Oxford in order to experience interesting cases.


The dates and deadlines for mini-pupillage applications are as follows:


  1. Candidates who wish to do a mini-pupillage between 1st January – 30th April should apply by 1st October
  2. Candidates who wish to do a mini-pupillage between  1st May – 31st August should apply by 1st February
  3. Candidates who wish to do a mini-pupillage between 1st September – 31st December shall apply by 1st June.